Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are for the benefit and protection of both you, referred to as the hirer, and us, namely Rainbow Cars Ltd.  You must agree to these terms and conditions before booking with Rainbow Cars Ltd.  Nothing contained in these conditions will affect your statutory rights.


Company/Client credit card details will be taken prior to the journey and the passenger/passenger’s company will be invoiced and payment taken by credit card after the journey. This will ensure that any car parking charges, waiting times etc are taken into consideration and charged accordingly.  Private clients may choose to pay in cash at the end of the journey, but credit card details will still be taken as insurance against non-payment.

Cancellation by hirer/passengers
No cancellation charges will be incurred if a cancellation is made at any time up to 24 hours prior to the time our driver is due to commence his/her journey.  Within 12 hours of the time our driver commences his/her journey 50% of the full fee will be due.  Within 6 hours of the time our driver commences his/her journey 75% of the fee will be due.  Under 6 hours or non arrival incurs a 100% charge.  Rainbow Cars Ltd requires cancellation by email as proof of written confirmation of cancellation.  Cancellation charges for our regular corporate clients may be waived/reduced at the discretion of Rainbow Cars Ltd.

Quotations will be provided in writing or via e-mail and will be based upon the information given by the person making the booking.  All quotations will be valid for one calendar month.

Car parking charges
Car parking charges that are necessarily incurred in order to fulfil a booking will be charged at cost at the time of use.

Variations to the journey
Any variations to the journey that involve extra time or mileage may be subject to additional charges.

Waiting time
Waiting time is chargeable at our current standard rate of £20 per hour, charged in 15 minute increments.  Waiting time will be charged as follows:

Flights – If there are delays of over one hour from the time of a flight landing then waiting time may be charged at the discretion of Rainbow Cars Ltd.

Other journeys – any waiting time over 15 minutes that has not been previously agreed with Rainbow Cars Ltd will be charged as above.

Service delivery
Rainbow Cars Ltd will make every effort to ensure that vehicles arrive on time at the place requested, but does not accept liability for delays caused by events outside it’s control such as traffic jams, mechanical failure, traffic accidents and extreme weather conditions.  Nor does Rainbow Cars Ltd accept responsibility for any consequential loss.

Errors caused by passengers
Rainbow Cars Ltd is not responsible for any delay caused by the hirer or passenger/s that may  affect any time sensitive commitment.

Errors caused by hirer or other agency
Rainbow Cars Ltd is not responsible for any cancellation, delay or timetable changes resulting in loss or delay to the hirer/s or passenger/s, for example flights, onward connections, meetings, appointments etc.

There is a maximum number of passengers allowed per vehicle.  Rainbow Cars Ltd does not permit extra passengers above the limit stated at the time of booking.

Child passengers
Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Booster seats can be provided upon request at the time of booking.

No animals
Due to risk of damage to the vehicle interior Rainbow Cars Ltd does not permit any animals except Assistance dogs.

Personal property is carried at the passenger/s own risk and Rainbow Cars Ltd accepts no responsibility for items left in the vehicle.

Consumption of food and drink
Rainbow Cars Ltd permits the consumption of food and drink in the vehicle only at the discretion of the driver.

Unreasonable or improper behaviour
Rainbow Cars Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry to a vehicle to any person who is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or should their behaviour pose a threat to the safety of the driver, other passengers or the vehicle.  Should the journey be terminated due to unreasonable or improper behaviour no refund will be given.

Special cleaning fee
If special cleaning of any vehicle is required because it has been left in an unreasonable state by a passenger/client, Rainbow Cars Ltd reserves the right to charge the cost of cleaning to that passenger/client.

Substitution of vehicle or chauffeur/driver
Rainbow Cars Ltd reserves the right to substitute any vehicle or chauffeur/driver.